Sometimes you can know a fact, without knowing the magnitude of the fact.

For instance, Sean Ralston knew the folks at the Yatooma Foundation for the Kids were arranging to get his kids some Christmas presents. They’ve had a difficult time since losing their mother suddenly to a heart attack, and the foundation has been helping them through it.

But Ralston, a retired U.S. Army infantryman currently on disability from an injury sustained while serving in Iraq, had no real clue what was happening when he returned home Saturday morning.

There was a furniture truck, motorcycles, TV remote units and lots of other friends and family gathered around his Garden City home. Veterans from the advocacy group Rolling Thunder saluted him. And Santa Claus was there to make the holiday bright for Ralston and his children.

Was he surprised?

“That’s putting it mildly,” Ralston said with a smile. “I knew someone was coming with presents for the kids, but nothing like this. It was kinda crazy.”


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