Our Mission

Bringing Tenderness To Tragedy and turning tragedy to triumph for the families of kids who have lost a parent by providing practical, professional, and personal assistance at each stage of the grieving and recovery process. This Foundation is dedicated in honor and loving memory of Manuel S. Yatooma (1947-1993).

The loss of a parent triggers a broad range of family crises that may take years to surmount. Through partnerships with business professionals and social service organizations, Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids assembles a team of volunteers to meet each family’s unique needs throughout each phase of their grieving and recovery process.

Who We Are

Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing guidance, stability, and financial assistance to families with children who have  lost one or both parents. This all-too-common tragedy transcends the lines of race, religion, and status and often forces children to prematurely assume the burden of adult responsibility.

In addition to immediate financial resources for living expenses, Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids attempts to provide at least some semblance of the parent’s mentoring hand, now reduced to memories and photographs.

What We Do

Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids provides grief-counseling, mentoring, and assistance in avoiding self-destructive crutches often used to fill the loss of a parent. To the surviving parent, we also provide professional, legal, and accounting assistance necessitated by the loss of a spouse, as well as career planning, family budget development, and financial assistance.

Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids cannot replace a lost parent. No one can. But we are committed to doing all that we can to minimize the hurt and bring tenderness to tragedy.

We Are Here For You


Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids provides personalized assistance to families who have lost a parent/spouse. We believe that preventative counseling and support, along with appropriate aftercare, will prevent grieving kids and adults from making poor decisions. The emotional well-being of an individual or family after the death of a loved one is a critical factor in determining future behaviors and actions.

The lawn needs mowing. The bathroom faucet is still leaking. The refrigerator is empty. The little things still need doing. Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids understands that while the family’s life has changed, the process of daily activity must continue. We will not hesitate to cut the lawn, call a plumber, or go to the grocery store so that a grieving family can instead focus on healing. This kind of everyday assistance is the most practical, and perhaps, the most personal service that the Foundation can provide.

Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids understands the need for individuals and families to remain financially stable after the death of a parent/spouse. Taxes, probate, and the application for benefits are some of the realities that that a grieving family member must face after their loved one’s death. These realities require clarity and an understanding of the issues involved. Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids is dedicated to protecting the legal and financial integrity of the surviving family.

Our Services

Accounting Assistance
Car Maintenance & Repair
Community Outreach
Cultural Programs
Family Budget Development
Financial Assistance
Funeral Planning Assistance
Grief Counseling
Group Presentations
Household Maintenance and Repair Services
Job Placement Services
Legal Assistance
Mentoring Programs
Referral Services
Support Groups
Tutorial Services