A mother of six forced to live with relatives after the father of her children was murdered.

He was working on renovating their house before he died, but after he passed she didn’t have the money or the manpower to finish the job.

After our story aired on Tuesday– the family was flooded with calls from people offering a helping hand.

“I don’t have to have anything, my kids deserve a home,” said Estelle Barnes-Summers


It was that moment which captured the hearts of so many. Summers, 33, a single mother of six spoke about being forced to stay at her mother’s house after the father of her children Elijah Summers, was shot and killed.

“They suffered a tremendous tragedy,” said Joi Harris, DTE Energy VP of Gas Operations. “Our hearts were just broken when we heard the story.”

This Detroit home Estelle says is where she and her kids are supposed to be living. Elijah was working to fix up the home before he was killed back in May.

Summers was working non-stop and her kids, sleeping on grandma’s living room floor.

“They’re still grieving,” she said. “They don’t understand it.”

After the Yatooma Foundation for the kids reached out to FOX 2, dozens of calls and emails from the community came. Volunteers with Outdoor creations and OCG companies are now donating materials to fix her home.

“I can’t believe it,” Summers said. “So happy. So thankful.”