About Us

Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing guidance, stability, and financial assistance to families with children who have lost one or both parents. This all-too-common tragedy transcends the lines of race, religion, and status and often forces children to prematurely assume the burden of adult responsibility.

In addition to immediate financial resources for living expenses, Yatooma’s Foundation For The Kids attempts to provide at least some semblance of the parent’s mentoring hand, now reduced to memories and photographs.

Board of Directors

  • Norman A. Yatooma, Esq. Founder & President
  • Marlana J. Geha, Ph.D. Vice-President
  • Gar Liebler, Treasurer
  • Ross N. Schoenherr, Secretary
  • Michael Acho, Director
  • Van Conway, Director
  • Kyriakos P. Damavoletes, Director
  • Matthew Friedman, Director
  • Patrick Rugiero, Director
  • Treger Strasberg, Director
  • Scott A. Whipple, Esq. Director
  • Gregory Yatooma, Esq. Director
  • Nicole A. Yatooma, Director
  • Andrea Yatooma, Director
  • Christopher Yatooma, Director
  • Jeffrey Yatooma, Director

Advisory Board

  • Mr. Lomas Brown
  • Mr. Brian Clark
  • Mr. Tim Codd
  • Dr. Timothy Coldiron
  • Mr. Peter Cristiano, Jr.
  • Mr. William Dabish
  • Mr. Edward Deeb
  • Mr. Luther Elliss
  • Ms. Kelley Fulkerson
  • Mr. Matthew Gurwin
  • Mr. Isaac Hanna
  • Mr. Freman Hendrix
  • Mr. Mark Hollis
  • Mrs. Kim Johnson
  • Ms. Carine Liebler
  • Mr. Ted Lindsay
  • Mr. Michael L. Maceroni
  • Hon. Peter J. Maceroni
  • Mr. Herman Moore
  • Mr. Tony Nuckolls
  • Mr. Huel Perkins
  • Mr. Doug Pettinga
  • Ms. Barbara Rotary
  • Mr. Leo Savoie
  • Mr. Paul W. Smith
  • Mr. Edd Snyder
  • Mr. Doug Turnbull
  • Mr. Daniel S. Varner
  • Mr. Simone Vitale